"All resources will be used to make the army ready for war." - Napoleon, 1813

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Armistice of Pläswitz is over!

Napoleon crossing the Elbe.

On 4 June 1813 the Armistice of Pläswitz was signed pausing the hostilities of the 1813 Campaign in Germany for about two months.  Things kicked back into full gear mid to late August (See Timeline) with four battles being fought before the month was over.  The action continued into September with five more conflicts, and the German campaign reached it's final climax at the "Battle of the Nations" at Leipzig on 16 to 19 October.  From there the French retreated west of the Rhine River, and Napoleon was never to enter Germany again.

Well this project has been stalled about two years, so it's high time the we break the armistice and get Immer Vorwärts! rolling forward again.  The brief two month window between mid August and mid October is really what our armies are initially based on.  Sure we'll be able to flex back to 1812 and forward to 1815 just fine, but it's during this period that our guiding OOBs are taken.

 Campaign of 1813

Don't expect to see painted minis to come popping out the woodwork right away.  I have a few projects to finish up before I really get back to business with my Prussians.  Not sure who will end up coming with me, but I'm determined to keep the project going in one way or another.  In the mean time I have completed the campaign "Timeline" page found under the banner with the OOBs.  I also have little summaries scheduled for the days each battle was fought.

This blog was created to not only chronicle the progress of our project and showcase our armies, terrain, and battles, but also detail the how's and why's for every step we take along the way.  Hopefully what we leave behind here is a useful guide for those getting started in the hobby as well as those that may want to try something similar in their own club.  Or even for folks may want to join our local group.

Battle of Katzbach

With that in mind I have created a "Basic Training" page that will continue to be updated as we go.  Everything helpful in one spot.  It also helps those that are new to the blog "catch up" with what we've done.  I have few posts planned that will cover some of the basics like rule sets, miniature companies, recommended reading, resource links, and anything else that might be useful to someone starting out.

So now that Immer Vorwärts! has been officially "rebooted" I look forward to sharing my hobby efforts into the fall and well beyond.  Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support.  It's great to get going again!  :-)

Immer Vorwärts!


  1. I'm excited to start working on my French!

  2. Judging from what has previously been painted up and shown here on the blog, I'm looking very much forward to this project kicking back into action! The history around Völkerschlacht is one of the most interesting parts of the Napoleonic era.

    1. Thank you. I'm pretty excited to get going again. I have quite a few ideas I think my fellow hobbyists will enjoy.

  3. News of a most excellent nature. Roll the Immer Vorwärts presses!

    von Peter himself

    1. Your long wait to see some painted Prussians is almost at an end my friend. :-)

  4. Fingers crossed for you Jason. I'll keep a keen eye out for your progress!!! Hopefully some other fine fellows follow you back to the naps!

  5. I love the Basic Training link- I will recommend it to some people. :)

    Time to look over some old fellows sitting on my shelves.