"All resources will be used to make the army ready for war." - Napoleon, 1813

Basic Training

Basic Training
Marie Louises on their way to learn "Proper" wargaming.

Intro Brief and Orientation

Although I've been farting around with Napoleonics since the '80s and gamed with 15mm armies in the '90s, taking that final step into "Proper Wargaming" and "The Beautiful Game" with 28mm miniatures was quite an eye opener. As I've explained in further detail in various posts, there's a lot to figure out going from a smaller scales to one that lets you truly start to enjoy the visuals and details of the period.

With the barriers of entry into the hobby being at an all time low with a virtual mountain of information and resources found in books and on the Internet along with the number of high quality yet affordable metal and plastic miniature manufacturers, many consider this the "Golden Age" of historical miniature wargaming. Add to this the number of high production quality rule sets, dedicated sites and blogs, together of course with everyone's opinions, and all this "beauty" can quickly turn into a gigantic confusing mess.

I spent about a year pouring over rules, various books, and all the stuff on Internet sites, forums, and the blogosphere before I felt comfortable that I cracked the code and knew what I needed to go forward into a 28mm Napoleonic project. It may all be out there somewhere, but certainly not all in the same place. That's part of what I hope to do with Immer Vorwärts!

Other than a place to showcase our armies, terrain, and battles, this blog will also detail the how's and why's for every step we take along the way. Hopefully what we leave behind is a useful guide not only for those that may want to try something similar or even join our local group, but also to those getting started anywhere around the globe.

Course Catalog

Basic Components:

Rule sets - The Rules of War

Miniature Manufactures - TBP

Buildings and Terrain Products - TBP

Recommended Reading - TBP

Gaming Methodologies:

Basing Scheme & Model Count - Setting down the Basics

Choosing a Period/Campaign - Für Gott und Vaterland!

Choosing the Command Level - Für Gott und Vaterland!

Order of Battle Discussion - Für Gott und Vaterland!

Order of Battle Discussion - Vive la France!

Painting and Modeling:

Basing - Ballast & Paint

Basing - Flock & Foliage

Painting French Line Infantry - The Long March of the Frenchman- Line Infantry 2

Painting Prussian Line Infantry - Prussian Fusiliers - WIP

Game Boards and Terrain: TBP

Gaming Aids and Extras:

Casualty Markers - TBP

Smoke and Musket Fire - TBP

Gaming & Hobby Music - Eine kleine Kriegsmusik

Transport and Storage:

Basing - Magnetizing Napoleonic Bases

Cases - TBP

Project Intros:

Jason - 1813 - A Joint Napoleonic Project

Eric - New Soldiers & New Paints

Additional Resources:

Napoleonic Uniform Glossary

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies

The Nafziger Collection of Orders of Battle

Soon you'll be well on your way to becoming an old Grognard just like this guy!