"All resources will be used to make the army ready for war." - Napoleon, 1813

Monday, May 27, 2013

2nd Battalion, 13th Regiment - French Line Infantry.

Forward March...
The bases are painted and the grass and brush are glued on.  My first battalion is now ready for the battlefield.  Pour l'empereur!  This has been a pretty fun project. Such a different experience painting true 28's to GW's "28s".

Painting around the ankles and boots was bit tough and I had to go back several times to touch up my mistakes. I need a steady left hand. :)

Column March

I think as my battalions continue to grow in numbers I'll probably go back here and there and make adjustments/corrections as necessary but I think the process will work itself out as time goes on.

I'd love to move on to some sweet Hussars but I really should buckle down and give these guys their First Battalion battle brothers and then a command stand to lead them.

Enjoy and a big thank you on Memorial Day to everybody in the USA!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Long March of the Frenchman- Line Infantry 2

Did we even get spring?

After a three month march we're a bit closer to the battlefield.  With my new job (big smile) I have slowed down a bit on the hobby time but this is ok - everything comes in stride. So now I present a couple hobby updates for the first of my french soldiers:  2nd Battalion,13th Line Regiment.

I found out early that my normal army painting style was not going to work. I had to line them up exactly the way they would be on their bases as order and organization were key to figuring out the colours.

Colours of the French line soldier:
As with all historical miniatures, there comes a bit of research. A big thanks once again to Jason for helping me pour over the internet and loaning some of his "Library of War" to find examples and documentation. :)

Normally I'm a big Vallejo man but I've recently started to using the colour range Games Workshop has to offer. I started with Kantor Blue base paint and added black to get the base coat going. Then I built up the layers with the Kantor Blue and lastly did some minor edge highlighting with the addition of GW Space Wolves grey.

The white pants and straps were simple.  I started with Vallejo Deck Tan and built up with white. Easy to do although lengthy because of quantity.

Shakos and Boots. For producing black I varied the models with different amounts of GW The Fang and/or shadow Grey added to black. I would sometimes do a final highlight with just Shadow Grey.

The Guns were simple with Vallejo Air steel. I found out painting with air brush paints are also really nice just to paint with a brush- especially the metal paints. For the browns- Vallejo flat earth highlighted with Vallejo Desert Yellow. I did one Badab Black Ink wash.

With the brown and yellow pants/shakos I played with a variety of colours including  Vallejo Flat Earth, Leather brown and Burnt Umber.  Most of them I added Vallejo Yellow Ochre or GW Ushabti Bone to build up the highlights. I usually did one wash which was either Gryphonne Sepia or Delvan Mud.

Lastly I should mention that when it came to the Blacks, Browns and Greys (Coats) I did not keep a standard with the colours as I wanted to give the appearance that every man is trying to take care of his business as best he can.

I ordered my flags from GMB Designs and I was very pleased with the turn around time and result. 

Lets get on to the bases! I used SuperT glue and it worked great for both Plastic and metal figures.

Now we need to to fill in the bases to make them natural with the little round raised areas of the miniatures. For this I used Apoxy Scuplt like Jason did here. My Apoxy Sculpt is black in colour.  

After the AS has dried it was time to add effects and the ballast. I decided to wait on adding fallen branches, rocks and/or enemy effects for the first go. I just kept the ground simple.  White Elmers (PVA) Glue works the best for ballast.

Last update for this post is the first layer of paint. The base I decided to use was flat black interior house paint. Since this has to be brushed on the house paint works really well for locking the ballast down and acts as a great primer for the next colours.

Ok, the next post should be the finished Battalion and so it should be up a lot sooner then 3 months. :)