"All resources will be used to make the army ready for war." - Napoleon, 1813

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Signs of Life

The Prussians are back on the Painting Desk!

Well, to call 2013 a weird year is pretty big understatement.  This blog started off well, but soon fell off the tracks (for various reasons), and we completely missed any opportunity to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the 1813 campaign with our blog posts, painted miniatures, terrain, or any games.  Sad, but not a huge deal since we do wish to continue gaming for the foreseeable future, not just the Fall of last year.

This was a long term project from the get go, but we're certainly hoping to pick up the pace here a bit in 2014.  :-)  No promises of daily updates, but certainly hope to have at least a trickle of posts coming month to month.  For now Prussians are back on my painting desk, and although we all have other projects in the fire as well, there should be some new painted toys coming to welcomes you all back with.

Andrea Color

One investment I made last August for this project was to collect a number of the Andrea Color sets.  They all sit on the top row of my paint racks, still waiting for me to properly give them whirl on my Napoleonics.  Many of you out there in the gaming blogosphere have highly recommended these so I'm pretty excited to potentially revolutionize my paint collection.

First thing is to finish up my Prussian fusilier battalion including convert up the chap above (Belgian mounted infantry officer from Perry Miniatures #DB3) to be my mounted Battalion Commander.  After they're done I'd like to knock out a few interesting and unique projects to really help kick start my inspirational juices before I dive back into some more Line Infantry.  So watch this space. :-)

Immer Vorwärts!


  1. Great to see you "back in the saddle" so to speak. I hope 2013 wasn't too traumatic and look forward to your updates. Are you now doing both the Prussians and the French ? Any updates on the Vampire Counts/ Flames of War/ Lord of the Rings would be much appreciated as I'm slogging through 18 mm AB Tirailleurs, Von Carstein Grave Guard and possibly some late war Panzers and occasionally need a flash of inspiration.

    1. Thanks Greg. Eric is the one doing the French, although I might help bolster his forces a bit someday in the future. The other stuff you'll find on "Der Feldmarschall."

      I have a few LOTR battles to post on there, but those are already on Google+ from Eric, and I'll be working a bit on my Imperial Guard (Mordian) Army as well. I have some fun stuff planned for my VC army, but that's been pushed back until later in the year so I can (try to) focus on my Prussian for a bit. :-)

  2. Between your Astra Militarum on one table and the Prussians on the other I think the real battle truly is in between! Best of Luck. :)

  3. Good to see u back Jason! Look forward to your Prussian updates.

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  5. Hope you have had a chance to work on your Prussians this summer.

    1. I have. The Fusilier Battalion is actually all done, the only thing holding it up is converting and painting the mounted officer in the post above and a small dog.

      I've also done a bunch of work on two battalions of Landwehr. They shouldn't take long to finish up. I figured I could practice up on a few militia units before going back to the nicer stuff.

      July/Summer has been pretty crazy so I'm way behind where I wanted to be project-wise. So I'm going to knock out my Saga Viking warband next, and then come back and really surge on my Prussians into the fall.

      With some luck, I'd like to be able to play a small game by Oct/Nov. I'm ordering some Poles (Murawski Miniatures is having a sale) and few French (Marines) in Aug. and will try painting some of them up if necessary. We'll see who else is there to join me, but I'm prepared to do some solo play until I can host a bigger game myself.

      I also have some terrain projects going. Mostly generic stuff for now and buildings that can be used for both Saga and Nap. as well as LotR and Fantasy.

  6. Sounds like your doing a good amount painting and modeling good stuff.