"All resources will be used to make the army ready for war." - Napoleon, 1813

Polish OOB

Grand Duchy of Warsaw
Order of Battle, Fall 1813

La Grande Armée
Emperor Napoleon I

Northern Front Commander
Maréchal Ney
Chief-of-Staff: Général de Division de Levcour

27th Polish Division
Général de Division Dombrowski

Infantry Brigade
Général de Brigade Zoltowski

2nd Polish Line Infantry Regiment
(1st & 2nd Battalions)
4th Polish Line Infantry Regiment
(1st & 2nd Battalions)
14th Polish Line Infantry Regiment*
(1st & 2nd Battalions)

Light Cavalry Brigade
Général de Brigade Krukowiecki

2nd Polish Uhlan Regiment
(1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Squadrons)
4th Polish Chasseur à Cheval Regiment
(1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Squadrons)

1 Foot Battery
(4 Guns)
1st Polish Horse Battery
(4 Guns)
Polish Artillery Train

1 Sapper Company

*Optional unit: The 14th Polish Regiment is indicated as present at Möckern (Battle of Leipzig) by the Prussian General Staff work, but would have had to be detached from VIII Corps in order to be present.

Notes:  Loyal to the end, Dombrowski's independent command at Leipzig/Möckern is nice brigade plus sized force to use as an excuse to paint up some Poles using Roger Murrow/Paul Hicks wonderful minis.  A great self contained starting point that could always be easily expanded to include the rest of Poniatowski's VIII Corps if the spirit takes me.