"All resources will be used to make the army ready for war." - Napoleon, 1813

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My First Frenchmen Assembled- Line Infantry 1

A nice happy Battalion...

Hooray!  I finally got some men ready for the black primer.  2nd Battalion, 13th Line Infantry Regiment is assembled!   Life has been extra busy so this probably shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but I'm treating it like a hobby and not a crusade.  I am hoping the tiny amount of SuperT glue will keep them on their painting bases...  and HOPEFULLY it will let them off!

I did a couple head swaps for my fusiliers, and everything else is pretty much straight from the Perry Miniatures box.  I'm excited and to get some paint rockin' on these guys. :)


  1. I always use superglue as a temporary fix for figs when painting them. To get them off you just have to remember that superglue has poor torque and shear strength. Or if you'd like that in plain English: don't pull the fig off of the red cap, twist it off or lever it off instead. Supergluing the fig to the edge of the cap with a bit of the base off the cap works best as you can lever it up from under the base with a knife edge.

    1. I actually thought about the edge idea but I thought they would be tippy or hard to hold. I don't think they should be too hard to get off their bases but thanks for tips! :)

  2. HazzZZZaaaaaaaa! But does he move cannon like the likeness of a pistol?or need a white horse to puff him up? Hummmmm? LOL

  3. Sorry to break this to you Frenchie type hobby guy, but the Befreiungskriege IS a crusade! You're doomed.

  4. (Sigh) I love little toy soldiers... :o)